Looking to join us?

Let's make sure you know what it is you're getting into first.
We don't want you joining the wrong community!


We started off a decade ago, a small clan, mainly dabbling into the game of Garry's Mod v9.0.4c. We were a small humble clan, nothing major. Just a small group of friends who enjoyed gaming. Over the last couple of years, we grew far, and many. Playing a wide array of video games.

We have around one hundred members, who are all committed in making the community great. At the moment, our primary games include all the games listed below, We play other games as well and host our own gaming events and competitions.



Join a growing, welcoming community that grows by its members, not by the server!


We have a few projects for people to join and work on, creating game servers, website working, and more.

Game Servers

Get access to our TCAdmin2 panel to host your very own game servers!

Dedicated Server

Gain Access to our Dedicated Servers, for your own projects and testing.


You will get your own @txsn.uk e-mail address; webmail and outlook compatible!


Get access to our media server, for the latest TV shows and movies.



I'm not going to lie to you here, if you don't have a good sense of humour, you're probably not going to last long! We have a somewhat dark sense of humour. We are mature when we need to be, but if it's casually on Discord, the maturity slides. We don't care much for rules, we have only one in fact!

We are welcoming, however, you will most likely get called names and what not. You can always return the favour of course. StuboUK (The community founder) mainly encourages this and usually gets it back in return. As long as you remember that it's all in good fun! When it becomes a bullying problem however, we will always step in. If you feel like someone crossed a line, let us know immediately.

The good thing about growing a community from its members, and not from its servers is that there's a sense of actual wholesome. There are barely any leadership levels, however, in moments of seriousness, or if someone is causing issues, we have Moderators/Core Members who will step in.

We are usually always up to something. We currently have a few projects that are active and you can hop into at any time. This includes things as server work/planning, website work, C# Programming, or rolling out new features for the community. If you believe you can be an asset, talk to anyone at anytime about it and we will accommodate you!